Spider brooch in 14k gold. Circa 1870, St Petersberg, Russia, The piece is crafted in gold and encrusted with over 2 carats of diamonds in addition to cabochon cut amethysts, garnets and rubies. The domical abdomen is finished in a lapis enameled guilloche with a focal, eight pointed star inset with diamonds and a central cabochon ruby. The piece is executed in the classical style of the renowned Russian workmasters from Faberge as well as other houses. The spider, as represented in art and jewelry for centuries has represented wisdom, mystery, power and growth and spider jewelry has long been sought by jewelry collectors and historians. Bearing the Russian hallmark ’56,’ it indicates the equivalent of 14k gold as well as the city of its origin. 

Mysteries abound with this piece as it approaches 175 years old and exhibits excellent technical craftsmanship. Did is belong to a Russian countess? Was it used by it’s wearer to project a hidden dominance? Was it commissioned by a czar to present to his czarina? We will probably never know all of its history, but what we do know is that it is among the finest jewelry of its genre ever completed. It truly belongs in a museum, but alas it’s not in a museum - it’s for sale at Red Baron’s Private Reserve.

2 1/2"l x 1 3/4"w